Confidentiality & Due Diligence

ClarisGlobal adheres to internationally accepted standards on client due diligence when accepting new clients. Ultimately this is aimed at keeping our client base clean from persons involved in money laundering, other criminal activities and from persons engaged in activities that might otherwise be potentially harmful for our good reputation. We strongly believe that in doing so we ultimately protect the good reputation of our clients as well in the best possible way. Strict compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations on client due diligence is therefore not only a necessity but is also in the best interest of our clients. Professionally trained staff with expertise in this area are available in all offices and help our relationship managers with asking prospective and existing clients to provide us with the relevant information on their identity, their activities and financial background.

Within our group, we retain records relating to our professional services, accessible to our staff, to assist us in servicing your requirements and, in some cases, to administer our business or to comply with professional standards. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards for your personal non-public information that comply with our professional standards.

If you have further questions regarding the confidentiality of your personal information, please contact any Claris advisor with whom you have worked.