Claris Foundation (VO 0157/LPF02) was registered in last quarter of 2008 with the objects of identifying, understanding and raising awareness about vulnerable persons in Malta and abroad, developing and implementing programmes in support of the health and well-being of children, developing and implementing programmes in support of the education of children worldwide and raising funds for the financing of projects undertaken in fulfilment for the objects outlined above.

In essence, Claris Foundation is a charitable initiative employing sophisticated legal and financial resources to lend charity and transparency to capital invested in philanthropic causes.

For more than 5 years Claris Foundation has been a leader in identifying suitable charitable causes that it could ‘adopt’, ‘bear’ and ‘rear’ for the sake of qualifying beneficiaries.

From the early days of its inception, Claris has grown to represent projects that range from sponsorships of educational programmes; mentoring of children and individuals in their educational and day to day development; project managing building conversion projects and adopting individual causes with the aim of improving same.

Claris’ key differentiating factor is the credibility it lends to investors putting capital to work for philanthropic causes. As the name suggests, Claris’ philosophy is based on providing high levels of transparency and accountability in the application of publicly raised funds, a principle conveyed in the White Paper “Strengthening the Voluntary Sector”, which led to the publication of a Voluntary Organisations Act 2007. Claris Foundation is registered as a voluntary organisation under which it is able to collect funds from the public and was the second foundation to be enrolled as a legal person under the new provisions under the Civil Code.